Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You May Think This is Weird...

But I kinda want them to find something when they do my exploratory surgery tomorrow.  I don't want cancer, just answers.  Maybe endometriosis or cysts, something simple, LOL.  It's just that I have been in pain for so long and it just keeps increasing, I want them to go in, look around and be all - "Hey, we have a solution".  I realized this morning the pain was affecting my sleep, which may explain why I have been so tired the last few weeks.  Whatever happens, I will let you know.

As for workout today with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center?  Yea, she wasn't kidding about kicking my butt. :)  I did some things today I haven't done since I was a healthy girl before.  The nice thing is that I didn't pass out.  I had to stop a few times, but I pushed through and finished.  If I hadn't been able to shake the pain, Gwyn would have changed things up.  But I refused.  Besides, with surgery tomorrow, I have a few days to recover.

Well, I have to go do a ton of work before I am gone, so have a great weekend and I will blog again as soon as I can.

Yours in Health,

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