Friday, June 18, 2010

Mowing the Lawn is a Workout

In 90 minutes of mowing a person my size burns about 1,000 calories!  It probably doesn't account for the fact that parts of my yard have an evil slope to them because the upper part is raised. ;)  Add to that the fact that it felt like a sauna outside last night and I not only burned off my cheese and fruit snack, but I lost five pounds in pure sweat.  LOL.  Don't worry, the water weight is back today. 

Today is a day off from working out so that I could work-work-work.  I know, nothing unusual there.  But I have to work tomorrow too.  In fact, I will be doing a live broadcast outside and I will probably end up mucho sweaty, so I am going for a swim at the YMCA Healthy Living Center after that.  Bonus!

Well, I need to go for now, I want to start my evening. 

Yours in Health,

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