Monday, June 7, 2010

There is little more satisfying than yard work

I have avoided yard work since my knee flared up.  It seemed a poor choice considering I was in pain and could only make it worse.  So, I started physical therapy with Kristi and the gang at the YMCA Healthy Living Center with a couple of goals - do stairs without pain, making workouts less painful, be able to do yard work without fear of injury and run.  I can say I think we have accomplished one through three.

My knee hurts a little this morning, but compared to a couple of months ago I am sitting pretty.  You see I didn't just pull weeds yesterday...  I mowed - we have a corner lot that is raised, so the upper part of the lawn slopes down - that's a lot of strain on the knee.  I weed whacked.  I walked the yard spraying weed killer.  I wanted to do more, but it was getting late.

In fact, I could work in the yard until dark every night.  It is one of the few chores that has instant results.  If I get a chance tonight there are a couple of quick things I have planned as well.  Though it may rain, we will see.

My other event for tonight is Intuitive Eating at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center.  We didn't meet last week because of the holiday, so it will be good to get back into the groove.  Well, I better roll.  Have a good day!

Yours in Health,

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