Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Do You Blog About?

My company brings in tons of interns each summer and it's great because it brings new blood and fresh perspective.  Today I was talking to one of them and the subject of blogs came up and he said he used to keep one, but it had just become a rant and he gave it up.  I said, "Well, you could make it private and just keep it as a personal journal."  He smiled and said, "Isn't that what actual journals are for?"

He's right, but I am crap at journaling.  In fact, I have bought no fewer than 20 journals in 10 years in hopes that one day I would be capable of putting pen to paper on a regular basis.  Instead, it's a collection of 3 page tomes that are completely incoherent.  But with blogging, it has some how clicked and other than being uber busy or sick, I am capable of committing to this - yea me!

Anyway, right before the end of this conversation, he asked, "What do you blog about?"  Oddly, I hesitated.  I wanted to answer in a paragraph, for some reason, when I know a sentence would do.  So, I self-edited, and said, "My blog is called "Get Healthy with Kate Garner" and I write about my journey to losing weight again." 

Succinct is good, but I felt like I wasn't really selling what I write about.  I talk about food and life and family and exercise and doctors and all of the things that are life as an overweight person.   In other words, this is indeed a journal, but not the kind collecting dust in my overloaded closet in the office at home.  LOL.

So, do you blog?  What do you blog about?  Does it give you a different angle on your life? 

It really has changed how I look at my life.  Every day I hash out exactly how I have done and yes, sometimes I struggle to put key to post because being honest can be painful.  But then I have it out and I can look back to see how far I have come and that is motivating.

As for actual health related things today - I worked out with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  I forgot my sports bra, so there were no bouncing exercises. ;)  We did my lower body today and then core.  There were some tough points, but I just had to breath better, which is a weak point for me.

Gwyn has sworn to beat me down tomorrow because I am not going to be able to workout Thursday and Friday and maybe not over the weekend either, we will see.  What is that about?  Well, I am having exploratory surgery around my uterus.  I have been in pain for about 8 months now.  Initial tests have been inconclusive, so they have no choice but to make an incision and go inside for a look.

I am sure it is nothing, but I will have to rest until my body heals enough to jar it with a workout again.  Anyway, I need to finish work.  More tomorrow.

Yours in Health,


  1. Kate, good luck with your surgery. I had that about 6 yrs ago and I had Endometriosis and it did effect my sleep a lot, I had a lot of back pain too. All better afterwards! In fact the doctor could not believe I even was able to go to work. She told me that I had a high pain tolerance.

    Good luck, feel better!

  2. Thanks! I am going to give an update tomorrow.