Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Alive and Well

I am still struggling with staying awake and having energy after my exploratory surgery, but I am at the computer for a few minutes, so that is something.  I have dropped vicodin unless the pain really gets to me, because then I am really not with it.

As for the surgery, they didn't find anything, which is good news.  I admit I am still as frustrated as ever that I have pain and don't know why.  But I also don't have cancer and that has gratitude written all over it.

And apparently that is all the energy I have for now.  Wow.  It's warm on the second floor of our house and I think it has sapped me.

Until tomorrow.

Yours in Health,


  1. Glad you are OK. Sorry you don't have any answers and are still in pain. That has to be very frustrating...

  2. It is, but I am trying to remind myself it's MUCH better than waking up to, "Hey, you have cancer..." or "Oops." :)