Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 Things You Never Knew...

About me. My sister-in-law put me next in line to answer that quandary on my blog.

It's kind of interesting from an introspective position, because as much as I like to be open and honest, I am very guarded. Which leads us to the list...

1. I am shy. I admit - there are a number of situations in which that gets put on hold. A. Once you get to know me, I will not shut-up. B. When I make a public appearance for work. It is my job to be friendly. C. When my passion on an issue is flared.

But otherwise, I speak relatively quietly and can be quite demure if you don't know me. Funny thing is, most people don't know that because they meet me during B or C.

2. I LOVE to laugh. I can be pretty serious on here, but I really do love to just let things happen. And funny doesn't mean a comedian. I find that if almost any person is given a little nudge and the right material, they can be funny. Plus it's always funnier when it comes from someone you would never suspect. I also like to make people laugh - sometimes it works, sometimes not.

3. I do not like jelly. Or jam or mayonnaise or ketchup or salsa and I am allergic to mustard. (Which no one ever believes.) Basically, I am not down with condiments. My mother has said since I was 2 that I am picky. I say, not wanting crap between me and my main course doesn't make me picky, I just want to taste the food. If food is so bad it requires additives, I probably wouldn't like it anyway.

4. I want a '69 fast-back, Mach 1, Ford Mustang with 400+ under the hood. Yes, my next car will be a hybrid. (I am an eco girl.) But if I win the lottery I will also have this classic ride in my garage. The very thought of it gets my latent testosterone revving.

5. I am fascinated by other women's bodies. I do not stare or gawk, but I do give thought to what I see. If a woman is obese, as I was, I feel concern. If they are morbidly obese, as I was, I feel sad and grateful. Sad they haven't been lucky enough to find their way as I have and grateful that I indeed have.

If a woman has a nice body, I am impressed and yes, sometimes a little envious. But that just makes me work a little harder. By the way, I have given women compliments. We don't do that enough you know - support our sisters.

6. I do not have enough male friends. Everyone is of the mistaken idea that I am on the prowl for "the one". Nope. While I won't turn him away if he trips into my life, I am really just looking to have fun. I want guys to hang out with, head out and have fun or learn things from. I find men fascinating too and I want to know more about their species.

7. I do not read books. O.k., I do. But not nearly as often as I should. It's pathetic really. We have a library of easily 1,000 books and I am lucky if I have read a tenth of them. That needs work.

So, there you are. Now, let me know your 7 secrets. Post a link in the comments when you have them done, so I can come read them.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

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