Friday, February 29, 2008

Butt Kickin' Workout

Dang it, the week is getting away from me.

Anyway, trainer Traci put me through my paces the other day. (Per my request) And half-way through I whined - I don't whine during workouts. But she did exactly what I wanted, she gave me nothing but new moves and really pushed me to my limits. It was painful (in a good way) and yet awesome at the same time. Six months ago the move that really killed me wouldn't even have happened - I wouldn't have been able to do it - period.

Here it is:

Backward lunge
Forward lunge - same leg
Backward lunge
5 full pulses up and down while in backward lunge position
Jump up moving legs like scissors land in lunge position, lunge and do two more times

You have now done 1. Yep, one on one side. Now do the other side. Now do each grouping 9! more times on each side.

Yep, Biggest Loser fans, she went all Jillian on me. My breathlessness and whining did not sway her - she kicked my butt. I survived though. My quads and glutes hurt yesterday, she will be very proud to hear that today.

Honestly, even though it kicked my butt, it definitely worked my butt as well. So, I like it and it may happen again soon. Glutton, obsessed? No, committed, dedicated, passionate and ultimately - my own butt kicker.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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