Monday, February 25, 2008

Climber's Lung

There is something I didn't mention yesterday: Climber's Lung

I believe there is something like this for mountain climbers with real and lasting results. Luckily the version that I and 650 of my closest friends have it temporary.

Our lungs are inflamed from the amount of dust we sucked in during the climb. It's causing anything from basic irritation to a hacking cough for me. I have cough syrup at home that is supposed to last 12 hours, but I think it just ran out about a half hour ago - I can't stop coughing.

The upside to having this problem is that it reminds me of why I climbed. Yes, I wanted to meet another fitness goal. But it was really about raising money for people who live like this and worse every day. Can you imagine always having a cough? Or having your lungs burn? Or not being able to catch your breath? I'm glad to say that I was a little part of making that better for some people yesterday and it's worth all of the expectorating in the world.

So, what's the answer? I am going to workout at Fitness World West of course!

Yours in fitness, Kate

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