Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate goodness (or badness) & Traci's Tips - 2/15/08

All right, Wednesday night Lori and I went to the Science of Chocolate at the Science Center. Well, it was also the science of compatibility, but I didn't have a male companion for the quiz and I was NOT going to speed date. So, we stuck to the chocolate, or rather, it stuck to us. That's what happens when you eat more than a piece, you might as well just tape it to your butt, where it will end up anyway.

The owner of Suzette's spoke and we were able to sample many of his wares. I honestly only had 4 pieces total. But frankly, since I don't usually eat that many in a sitting - it felt like much more. It's very tasty stuff.

The idea was to also meet men, but Lori and I bucked the trend and instead met a nice couple who I think we can hang out with on occasion. Making new friends is such a great feeling.

Afterward we went to El Bait Shop and saw Jim the Mule play. I may have mentioned once or twice that they are REALLY good, but it never hurts to repeat that fact. By the way they have a new CD on the way, hopefully by summer. Maybe I will workout to it. Which brings me to...

Trainer Traci's Tips for the week:

1. For athletes it is important to get "healthy fats" into your diet such as Omega 3, 6 and 9.

2. Any women recovering from just having a new baby - this is for you! You want to get that belly back into shape. (Once cleared by your physician to do so) You can start by doing lower ab exercises. This will help you to keep the contraction of the abdominal muscles continuous.

3. Looking for weight loss or fat loss? Eat foods that have less than 30% of the calories from fat.

4. Make your workouts more challenging! Break your cardio up with resistance training to raise and lower the heart rate. It makes the body work harder and burn more calories more efficiently!

5. 4 exercises to add to your workout!
3 x 15 Side Lunge with band torso twist
Weighted Crunches on the ball
Core holds/Planks...on elbows
Regular or Assisted Pull-ups

I am going to Fitness World West in a few minutes, so have a great weekend. I will check in tomorrow!

Yours in fitness, Kate

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