Sunday, February 24, 2008

801 Grand Power Climb!

I trained hard for this. My body was ready, but I was nervous. That 41 story building looked pretty daunting the other night. Then I realized my real anxiety was coming from the fact that I have been so public about this event. I feared failing and having to go on the air in the morning and say I couldn't do it.

My fear has been vanquished and my task completed - I climbed the 801 Grand! And in the time I wanted!!!!!! When I saw that, I thought it was a typo - I have checked twice it hasn't changed. My brother Gordon and sister-in-law Annette did the climb as well and they both finished too!

Here's the play-by-play for my climb:
>Started off at 9:11:15 a.m.
>Flew like I was on fire up the first three levels.
>Realized I was crazy and sustaining that would happen for maybe another floor.
>Slowed myself down and ran two more floors.
>Jogged next 3 floors.
>Arrived at 8th floor shocked that I still had wits enough to change song on mp3 player.
>10th floor - When did I let someone pour gasoline down my throat and light a match?
>15th floor - Hey, don't the kids get off on the 18th? Water, YES! Maybe I can put out aforementioned fire.
>18th floor - Damn open door looks far too tempting. Nope would have to concoct cramping story and far too prideful to let that happen.
>30th floor - Dear god, I have been in this stairwell forever. Oh, thank you lord Nickelback has just come on mp3 player, perhaps throbbing beat will help.
>35th floor - Cheering section is so good they should rent themselves out, I feel a slight tug of energy.
>38th floor - Did that stair just do the wave? And the next one? Wait, depth perception is going. No more mentally jamming with Chad Kroeger, must focus on steps.
>41st floor - How the hell did I get here? Oh right, I climbed. Where's a wall to hold me up?
>Top of 801 Grand - Water, towel, desperate attempts to breathe. I did it. Whoo-hoo. Can someone page a fireman to put out the flames in my lungs? Seriously, it's an issue.
>Meet Lori - Did you see, what was my time? "Uh, I think about 14 something?" I am a bit crushed and tell her I hope it was more like 13. Time to find my brother.
>Time passes - I find my brother and Lori notes that results from other people who finished around me are being perused. I head to the window to look.
>The results - I am looking for my name between 13 and 14, but not finding it. I think, maybe 12-something and look there. Hmmm, maybe I am not on the list yet. Lori, "Hey, there you are! And you did good." She points and I follow the line...


I did it, I met my original goal of 10 minutes. I don't normally get that excited and squeal, but dang it, I was really happy. Despite feeling like I was going to suffocate, I had stayed on my training pace, sort of, and did it. I actually feel more accomplished now then I did after the 5K in October.

I know I normally post a story from somebody else that inspires me on Sunday, but today, I inspire me. And that amazes me even more than finishing the 801 Grand Power Climb.

Yours in fitness, Kate


  1. Wow! That is soooo great! Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!

  2. You inspire me too! Congrats to the nth!

  3. Congrats on making your goal... I agree about the climber's lung -- never felt so close to being asthmatic as after that run.

  4. I forgot to say thanks Kent! So thanks!