Friday, February 8, 2008

Traci's Tips - They're Back!

After a couple of weeks of 'having a life' - both good and bad - my trainer at Fitness World West, Traci is back with a handful of tips for your health:

1) Try to stay away from canned vegetables and fruits because they contain too many preservatives, salt and unwanted sugars.
2) Your diet is the number one reason that will cause you to gain or lose weight. Helpful hint. If you it doesn't make you feel good then don't eat it!!
3) On the supplement side of things: Natural vitamins are not better than synthetic. Reasoning is because the synthetic vitamins look the same as the natural ones to the body so the body can not tell a difference.
4) Glucosamine may help with arthritis! Check it out if you have concerns.
5) To build more muscle eat your protein after your workout.

Thanks Traci!

Yours in fitness, Kate

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