Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

First - I apologize for no post yesterday, I really wanted to go out last night and I have a cold. So, I went home and took a nap, it worked and I went out.

This 'holiday' vexes me greatly. It is not lack of a man in my life. It is the fact that this one day is given to such pressures to perform in the name of love. If you are in love - good for you - but EVERY day should be about showing each other how you feel. Not just a single day elevated by card companies and flower wholesalers.

That said, the treats at the back of the office are killing me too. Another damn "food holiday" I didn't see coming. Thank goodness my office is at the front of the building. And yes, I have had two cookies and a handful of M&M's. It makes me sad, there are days I wonder if I have any control left.

Going to the gym now. No cookies there! (Thank God!)

Yours in health, Kate


  1. Your lovable but rotten brother gave me a big box of heart-shaped chocolates. And I got some from a coworker and my boss. Everyone wants me to stay chubby!

  2. Make sure your FRY something for him to eat tonight!

  3. I love your blog! It may just get me back into working out! :)

  4. Thanks Webgal! Your blog rocks as well! I am now a big fan!