Friday, February 8, 2008

Pictures of Me - Part 3

I don't have them to show you - yet. But yesterday I did indeed have my pictures taken by Arturo Fernandez, the photo editor at Juice. Possibly one will appear in Juice next Wednesday as we encourage last minute registration for the 801 Grand Power Climb.

He took pics of me on the stair-climber at Fitness World West. I commented to Art that I could appreciate what models go through on some of their shoots. I spent 20 straight minutes marching those stairs - basically climbing to the 801 Grand twice. I'm not complaining, it's good for me.

I can't stress how surreal it is that anyone would want to take my picture. I didn't even want to take my picture until recently. When the magazine hits stands next Wednesday I will put up a link - for more pictures of me.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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