Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Alive, it's Alive!

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT (or at least content about adults)

Lori, my roomie, is hilarious or so she thinks. Last night she announced to the check-out line at the Gateway Market that I am in heat. Yes, heat, as in desperate to mate - like a cat. Like I said, hilarious.

However, it does bring something up that I'm not sure I've ever posted about here - hormones. When you lose a lot of weight, you find many physical benefits and a few down sides.

Benefits - Sleep better, breathe better, lots of energy. (That's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.)

Down sides - Cold often, fidgety, maybe a little gassy from the healthier foods. (You know me, honest to a fault.)

Then there's this one in the grey area - hormones. Suddenly, over the last six months, I have found myself attracted to men again. I mean, I never fully lost my interest, they're awful nice to look at, but I wasn't really moved to attempt to date.

There are two reasons for this: A. No self-esteem makes a person ridiculously unattractive. 2. Your body doesn't produce more sexual hormones because you are bigger, so your sex drive can lag or go dormant.

Now, I am down to a reasonable weight (yes, I still have a little way to go) and so my body is balanced and my hormone levels are more than I am used to. I have been reading up on this, some people become sex addicts after a major loss. Not only can they not handle the re-firing of their engines, they use it as a filler for food. I am not an addict or even potential addict, but I am awake now.

So yes, I noticed the cute new guy in the produce section at Gateway and asked the girls at the check-out what his name was. That doesn't mean I am in heat, but by god, for the first time in years I am paying attention. And no, I am not just looking to 'score'.

I am looking to meet a nice guy, have some fun and YES, quite possibly have sex. For the first time in more years than anyone with good sense would admit on a blog, I want a man to touch me. And that's not a crime.

In fact, it's quite literally very natural. I'm Alive!

Yours in health, Kate

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  1. I'd never thought about hormones and that being diluted with lots of extra weight. It really makes sense.