Monday, February 18, 2008

From the Beginning...

This is a good post to have to write today. I talked about my struggles yesterday. In fact I have been hinting at them for a while. This has been a slow slipping and while it doesn't require a complete reboot or 'starting over' it needed my attention none-the-less.

So today I did what I was supposed to - I controlled my food, it did not control me. I feel much better. Not really physically, because I wasn't so far off the rails as to make myself sick, but mentally, I am damn proud and THAT feels great. Now I will continue, one day at a time. (Brownie sprouting table be damned.)

All of this came at a time when a friend who is doing Weight Watchers fell off the wagon while on vacation. She could have just said, what I said for years, "oh, well, I guess I can't do it" and given up. Instead, she is restarting - I am proud of her too. It takes guts to do that.

And that is today's tip - Don't be afraid to start over. One bad day, one bad week, doesn't mean you can't make a lifestyle change - this is, to be trite - a marathon, not a sprint. It means that you simply need to look at what you are doing and make the commitment to realign and get back on track. You can do this.

It's like walking down the street, stumbling and falling - yea, you could lay on the sidewalk and feel self-pity. But the truth is, sooner or later you do need to get to your destination. Your health goal is your destination. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving.

Yours in health, Kate

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