Monday, March 31, 2008

From the beginning...

Tip - Expending energy will build energy.

I was the classic couch potato. I was just 'too tired' to workout. My days were 'long and hard'. I needed 'downtime' to 'recuperate'. I needed to 'rest', so there really was 'no time in my day' to exercise.

What an incredible batch of crap!

I was too tired because I was too fat. My days felt long and hard because I had no energy reserves. Compared to my days now, time wise, those days were cake. I needed downtime to stuff my face and recuperated by making sure most of it was sugar. I had to rest because, after the sugar high, I was lethargic. I was recuperating myself straight into morbid obesity. And there was no time in my day because I was making lousy choices.

All of that may seem harsh, but it is the bitter truth. The one most people don't see when they are dunking their 10th Oreo into a glass of milk and trying not to get up to change DVDs.

Now I know the good truth - if you exercise, you actually gain energy.

Hear me out.

As you exercise and eat right many things happen to your body:

>You lose weight.
>Your body burns calories more efficiently.
>You curb cravings.
>You are able to create healthy energy reserves.
>Your body actually begins to crave more exercise because it likes the chemicals the brain releases afterward.
>The less you weigh, the easier it is to move.
>The better you look, the more motivated you are to make time and create more changes.
>Compliments and kindness breed mental energy.
>When your brain is on board anything is possible. Because your brain can rule the roost, even over the most stubborn of stomachs.

Those are just a few ways getting moving and getting healthier can actually increase your energy. Personally I know if I go more than 24 hours without doing something I feel sluggish.

You can do it. Just put one foot in front of another, start slow and the next thing you know people will be saying to you, "Where do you get all that energy?".

Yours in fitness, Kate

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