Thursday, September 18, 2008

Henry Rollins

I am very excited. I am going to see Henry Rollins tonight. He is a writer/ spoken word artist/ author/ political dissident. He is highly intelligent (which is the sexiest thing ever!) and he is well built.

He comes to Des Moines/ Ames every year. This time it is Ames and it's FREE - yea!

I remember sitting in my seat at Stephens Auditorium in Ames three years ago when he came. I saw how hot he was and thought, "Someday, I will have a body I am not afraid to introduce him to." Now, I realize, I was letting my insanities make him out to be too shallow to date a fat girl - which is totally unfair - but that's what I was thinking.

Today, I feel better and wouldn't be embarrassed to bump into him. However, Lori would probably knee cap me, because he's her crush, but hey.

Yours in health, Kate

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