Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fry-Day & Sat-er-Day

Friday - Going along fine. Then I was run over by a buffet. The Iowa-Iowa State game was today and everyone was tailgating a day early. I stuffed myself, it was ugly. Then at 12:15, I remembered that I needed to be at the gym in 45 minutes to train with Traci. Urp.

I got to the gym and begged/warned Traci that the cardio warm-up should be skipped. (I was afraid I would puke.) She just looked at me with disbelief and stuff me on this stair climbing/ elliptical machine that makes me not only raise my heart rate, but bounce up and down. Urp.

She pushed me hard and laughed every time I belched. Her only request was if I decided to barf I should try to make the bathroom or a garbage can. Other than that, she made no changes to the workout she had planned for me. Urp.

But it was good and I made it through sans chunks. Ya! Urp.

Sat-er-Day - Got up and went to a drizzly farmers market to hunt and gather weekly supply of vegetable delights. Got spit on wet, but not soaked, so I was glad I went. The vendors were miserable because it had poured right before we arrived. I felt for them. Some didn't even go this week due to the precipitation.

Then I went home and watched a few minutes of the news. I was suddenly overcome by being tired, so I went and lay down on my bed. I set my alarm for an hour and planned to get up and go to the gym. I slept through it two or three times before Mischa pounced on my belly - I suspect it was his way of shutting off the alarm once and for all, since he doesn't have thumbs. I shut it off and laid there groggily.

I finally looked at the clock and said - crap. It was 12:30! Working out was out. I needed to get a shower, grab coffee and allergy medicine and go volunteer at the Planned Parenthood Book Sale. It was day three.

This time I was a volunteer coordinator. That meant three hours of walking, running, answering questions, corralling carts, lifting boxes and handling money. Turns out it might not have been the worst thing that I missed the workout. By the end of the day on concrete, my knees are hurting.

Tonight I worked for Marianne on the Star 70's show. You would think, after 3.5 hours on my feet earlier today, I would sit for the show. Nope. I'm not sure I even know how to sit during an air shift. Right now I am sitting down for the first time in about 9 hours. I am feeling for factory workers, big time.

Well, right now my eyes are crossing, because I am tired. So good night.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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