Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy Day

I wish I was about to post something useful, but alas, you get my list:

  • First, the good news - pre-approval has been given for a home loan!
  • Regular news - Have cramps and am tired - period and lack of sleep will do that.
  • Busy news - Work is crazy, many things going on - tomorrow is special presentation starring Kate. I am practicing yoga breathing and I don't even do yoga.
  • Crap news - I am being audited by the state of Iowa for 6! years! Now I must go deal with this.
  • Really crap news - all of this is affecting my workout potential.

    However, two things I am quite grateful for above - I have a job to stress me and it will help pay for my home!

    Yours in (mental) health, Kate
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