Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am investigating the murder of Michele Davis. She was shot to death while driving down the freeway in Des Moines last Thursday. It has absorbed my day. In fact, I am going to the press conference for new information in about 45 minutes.

I have not gone to the gym, I nearly forgot to eat and I am craving sugar. All because this hits me in the gut hard.

The police aren't able to say 100%, but the more I dig, the more is confirmed - this was a domestic situation gone bad. Michele Davis was running for her life when she was shot on the freeway. So far no one has come forward to say they noticed anything.

It happened in plain sight, but there are no witnesses until she died and her car rammed into other cars.

This hits too close to home. 28 years ago, this could have been my mom.

I know the police will get their man and if in the meantime I can get the public information to make it happen - more the better.


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