Friday, May 23, 2008


Bits of trivia I have learned this week about the subcutaneous substance we all obsess over:

A new study says that you CAN get lose fat cells, if you lose more than 10% of your body weight. – Hurray! Never mind, that was from an “O” Magazine in January.
*Turns out last week another study rebuffed that one and reconfirmed you can only shrink cells, not get rid of them. At least naturally. There’s always that vacuum thing.

There are two kinds of fat cells in your body – brown and white. Brown burns energy, white stores energy.
Scientists are working on a method to make the white ones turn brown. Is that possible? And if so, can we also convince them to do a little tidying up in there? That whole cellulite thing is a drag.

Biggest thing I learned this week about fat:

I have not been paying enough attention to my intake. Have to knock that crap off.

Yours in health, Kate

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