Monday, May 5, 2008

From the beginning... Don't stop the music

Tip - find what works for you and use it - mine is music.

Listening to myself walk on the treadmill in the beginning was pathetic. I could hear myself practically wheezing and every trod of my fat little feet thud on the spinning belt - it was depressing. While I probably should have been brought nearly to tears of joy that I was simply moving my butt, I was instead depressed by how utterly out of shape I sounded.

So, I put on an old CD Walkman and tried again, it worked. Being able to hide my 'noises' in the pulsing of the beat was an awakening point, I felt great suddenly. Then I had my CD player take a dive off the treadmill one too many times. (Yea, they're not really meant to be set precariously on the edge of a big frame with moving parts.)

I was broke and thought "well, I've been at this a while, it should be o.k.". Man, oh man, was I wrong. Within a few weeks I had slacked off. I didn't even notice at first, but I was not hitting the gym hardly at all. I plateaued and wondered why. Duh!

I sat down one day and thought it out. Why was I suddenly so intent on sitting on my butt and then it hit me - this had come to pass at about the same time the CD player had died. I NEED MUSIC! So, I saved my pennies and got my mp3 player and I have never looked back.

The moral of this story is - find what your 'thing' is. The catalyst that makes you feel like working out. The thing that juices you every time, even when you just aren't firing on all pistons. I have a friend that has to have a specific kind of sock or she will not run - she has 52 pairs - many are hidden away at her office, the gym and in her car, just in case she forgets them.

I am at work and I was just looking for my player to charge it - it's not here! I will have to go home before I can workout. While I can do it without, it's easier with and that means, as long as it's realistic, I will make it happen.

Find your thing and see how much easier it is to get motivated.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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