Friday, May 9, 2008


I have a busy weekend ahead. I have purposely over-scheduled myself in an attempt to put myself places I do not normally go. I keep being told that's the way to meet men. Let's hope these people with self-described wisdom are cooking with gas.

Tonight: Dinner and Stomp at the Civic Center
Tomorrow: Work, the Downtown Farmers Market, workout, the Celtic Festival with Caelen, Miss Witherspoon at the Stoner Theatre, The Subjective Circus
Sunday: Coffee with a friend, workout, Mother's Day with Mom, stop by Dad's for Mother's Day with Step-Mom Lorie
Monday: Work, workout, preview party for Gateway Market West - Fundraiser for One Iowa
Tuesday: work, walking club, workout, Big Dream Gathering at Polk County Convention Complex

Okay, I know I blew right through the weekend, but I thought I would make a point with my list - no one should say there is nothing to do in Des Moines. These are just the highlights of everything I really want to do. But there is only one of me, so this will have to do.

I hope you have whatever weekend you want - relaxing, do nothing (except a little exercise) or active, do everything (and a lot of exercise to boot).

Yours in fitness, Kate

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