Monday, May 26, 2008

From the beginning... Nurse that injury

Tip - If it hurts, don't do it.

There is an expression as old as exercise itself, "No pain, no gain". I'm pretty sure the Spartans came up with it. (See example below of Spartan physique.)

Well, it's not true. If it hurts, you are either doing it wrong or you are injured, either way - knock it off. I admit, I often keep running through a sore knee or this stupid nerve that pinches on my right side, but I do not keep moving if I end up in real pain. O.k., I don't do that now. When I played softball, I was much more defiant of my body. But I am still paying for that in aches and pains today.

As you know, I tweaked my Achilles last week. I spent 5! days with no cardio, icing the heel, doing stretches, downing ibuprofen and resting it. Saturday I went back to the treadmill. I started slow, warmed up and went to a reasonable pace to raise my heart rate but not strain the tendon. It worked, thanks to a Stephanie Plum novel I lost track of time and when I looked down I had walked a pain free 50 minutes. Since I wasn't in pain, I decided to run for 10 minutes, to give it a try and it worked too.

I ran again yesterday and because my gym is closed today, I will be running outside in just a few minutes. I will be quite aware of how the ankle feels outside though, feet hitting concrete is a lot different than bouncing on a treadmill.

But there you go, I asked for advice, followed it and am back in training. So, if you end up injured, remember that. Don't panic, follow instructions and you will be back on track in no time.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tee-hee, when the whole Spartan thing passed through my mind I realized it would just be a good excuse to show another picture of Gerard Butler. Here he is as the legendary King Leonidas in the film "300". Seriously, oooooh, yum.

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