Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - Happy Mother's Day

Many women have inspired me over the years:

My Mom, Marcia - She's my hero and she hates that I say that. She has made sacrifices for my entire life, from conception on and with a little complaint. She is strong, stubborn, tough and soft as a bunny all rolled into one. I am just like her in many ways and I couldn't be more proud. She has supported me on this journey and I thank her.

My Grandmother, Jean - I know more about her history than she may realize. She has been a kind-hearted rock even in times when her life couldn't have been worse. She always has a smile, a kind word and love - even when she wishes you hadn't made a certain choice. She has a quiet strength that is unmatched. I often wish I were more like her, she isn't loud and brassy, but she is still effective as all get out. I am always impressed.

My Great-Grandmother, Irene - We lost her in 2006. The later part of her life was hard for me to watch, she gave up a little. But the first 90 years were pure fight, fire and power. She was hard working, opinionated, tough, fun and drove like she was at Indy all the time. I don't have her lead foot, but people often tell me I am very much like her. I hope that is true.

My Step-Mom, Lorie - Throughout her life she has faced adversity and won. She is wise and witty and never fears fun. Yet, she can give a withering look and quickly bring the out of control back to Earth. She has been a good friend and a good foil.

Lori, my roomie - While not technically a mother in the biological sense, we do share three cats. She is also an amazing Auntie to Ben and Abby and to my own nephew Caelen on occasion. I didn't like her when we first met, she was too quiet for my taste. Turns out that's because she is always sizing up a situation and preparing the perfect rapier comment for when she deems a situation worthy. That's just one of the ways I wish I were more like her.

There are a myriad of other women who have inspired me - my sister-in-law Annette, Geneva at the office, women in politics, women at non-profits, women fighting disease and just women I have bumped into that have an amazing story.

Whether women actually have children or not, (I don't) doesn't really matter on Mother's Day. This is really a celebration of women. We take care of the world. We deserve appreciation.

So go forth and appreciate your women today.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Happy Kitty and Auntie Mother's Day to you!

  2. You're an awesome kitty mom and step-mom. thank you especially for that last one!