Friday, May 2, 2008

Apparently I was too busy

Sorry. I just noticed that I didn't post yesterday. I was in work mode in the morning and then at noon my exercise kicked in.

Noon - Walking club with Chandler - 1.8 miles
Back to work
3 p.m. - Decide to run 4.25 miles (goal is to go from work to look at a house for sale on 35th to hospital to see friend's baby)
5:30 p.m. - Walking club with Chandler - 1.8 miles

That middle part, that's the important one.

When I set out I simply needed to complete the 4.25 miles in an hour, so I could get up to the hospital by 4 p.m. to see the baby. I thought o.k., I can do that easily, even if I become uninspired by running and decide to walk.

Oh, no not me. I am so competitive against myself. I am at the end of mile one and I think, "Damn you're slow! If you are going to do this, you better pull it together." I pick-up the pace. I finish the first leg, to the house, in 22 minutes, it was 2.1 miles, so just under 11 minute miles. I am happy, I know I am going to make it to the hospital on time.

I look around the outside of the house, which is kind of small and needs some TLC, for about 2.5 minutes. The neighbor kid is staring at me as I pant and sweat profusely on the sidewalk. I figure that second wave of 'hello' is a heads up that he may call the police because I am freaking him out. So I start running again.

Something in me says, let's see if we can do this faster, run longer, really push it. Or maybe it was someone in me and if it is, can she please beat the crap out of my evil voice Luci? Because if push-yourself girl can make me run 9 minutes miles, I am pretty sure she can also take the queen of the sugar craving.

So, I did it. 4.25 miles in 40 minutes. I was floored and thrilled. Basically 9.5 minute miles. Heck yea!

Perfect timing too. I don't have time to workout today because of work, doing somebody a favor and helping coordinate a fundraiser tonight. My body can use the day to recover though. It did almost 8 miles yesterday, for me, that's a lot. YEA!

Yours in fitness, Kate


  1. I'm jealous of your run. It's like that commercial where the guy breaks up from running, and sees running everywhere.

  2. It's weird. More and more I find myself willing to run. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because it's getting nicer. Like today, I will defintely be out for a run.