Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm no Brad Pitt...

But you can call me Achilles. That's what I tweaked on Monday at the gym.

In my infinite wisdom and unstoppable curiosity I had to try the 4! new cardio machines at the gym. They were all interesting and different. One was a combo of run/elliptical/stairs - that would be the one that set my already existing soreness over to "damn, that hurts".

I have struggled for a couple of weeks with some soreness where my Achilles connects to the back of my ankle. I have been letting it go, I figured I need new running shoes. (Which I do.) It got a little worse while riding my bike to work last week.

I knew it was worse, so I didn't throw in a big run this weekend. Then on Monday, there they were - shiny and sleek - new weapons to burn fat. I wrapped up my warm-up walk quickly and went forward to sweat profusely; it was awesome. Not so awesome - Monday night at 6 p.m. I tried stepping on my tip-toes to look in a mirror - no go.

By yesterday morning I was pretty miserable. So, went I hit the gym to do weights only yesterday, I went and found trainer Traci. What can I do to fix my obvious problem? I hated the answer: ice and rest. Read: no weight bearing exercise. Grrr.

That means a day off today. Tomorrow I will take the day off as well, per her advice, but I am going to the gym for weights and core. If it feels better on Friday, I just had an 'owie', if not, it's time to trek to the doctor. Double grrr.

That's why I have decided to finish work today that I would normally do tomorrow. That way I don't go home, sit on the couch with my ankle up and eat. I know, I should be better than that, but I'm not. At least I'm honest enough to know that.

Now, about that Brad Pitt thing... I think I can take Angelina in a fair fight. Alas, I doubt she fights fair.

Yours in fitness, Kate

And as a bonus, here's a Bard pic -

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  1. That stinks! I hope you feel better soon! Are you riding your bike in your gym shoes? You should get something with a stiffer sole if you're going to ride every day.