Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My trainer Gwyn is a saint.  This week she has twice planned workouts for me that have been interrupted by me.  Tuesday it was because my knee was hurting, so she went to upper body.  Today it was because of my Swiss cheese memory.

I packed up my gym bag threw it in the car and headed to work.  I wore my sandals because it was going to be nice.  I get to the gym and think, darn, I forgot socks again.  Oh, well, I'll make do.  Then I picked up my gym bag out of the back seat and was like, gee this is really light.  That's when it hit me, I had forgotten to pack my running shoes.  Ugh.

I went in sheepishly to Gwyn and told her about my spaciness tagged with an apology.  I said, we could either do something that didn't require workout shoes upstairs in the gym or she could work me out in the water.  She looked at my sandaled feet and laughed, "And of course you are wearing sandals!"  Once again though, she rolled with the punches.

We skipped the cardio, did some lower body where I was seated.  But mostly we concentrated on my biceps and my core.  I was excited about the biceps, we haven't really done much with those in the last couple of weeks.  Once upon a time I had great arms. :)

But back to Gwyn.  Not only is she willing to change her plans, but if something hurts, she will modify an exercise or we can even stop.  That is something all too rare among trainers and I really appreciate it.

When I was starting three weeks ago at the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center, they took extra time to pick the right trainer for me.  They did a great job!!!

Yours in Health,

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