Sunday, April 25, 2010

Um, What?

I just spent 11 hours in bed and I am still tired.  I am at work and trying to muddle through with edits to Intuition Magazine, but I am struggling.  I even got an extra shot of espresso in my Sunday latte at Starbucks, not really much help.  I continue to be achy and last night had a bought of the night sweats.  It kind of reminds me of how I was before they put me on thyroid medication. 

I will give this a couple of days to pass and hope it is just some weird virus.  It won't keep me from going to the gym though.  I have a PT appointment and personal training tomorrow at the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center and barring feeling contagious - I am there.

I do need to e-mail Nutritionist Katie though.  I am craving carbs fiercely, I assume it is connected to not feeling well, my usual m.o.  What do you suppose the healthy equivalent is to stuffing yourself with bread or chips?  :)  Gonna guess there technically isn't one, but it's worth an ask.

Well, I better go finish my shift on LITE.

Yours in Health,

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