Friday, April 9, 2010

Guessing Game - Clue #2

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  (Thank you Mr. Rogers.)  Sunny and 64, headed for 70 - it's days like these that make my heart race faster and my drive go deeper.  It's all too appropriate that Spring is truly here at a time when my Hope has arrived.  My energy is high and I am ready to bloom like the tulips that popped along Locust Street downtown today.

To that end, Monday is the day I officially begin the thing at the place that I am not telling you - you have to guess.  Squee...  Really it's killing me, but I am going to keep the visual clues obscure until at least sometime next week.

Anyway, here is visual Clue #2:

Now for today's tip:

Water.  I know, everyone gives the tip to drink lots of water, but it's imperative.  The thing I won't tell you is to drink 15 glasses - are you kidding?  We would all float away.  Instead just keep ahead of your thirst.  If you are thirsty, it's already beyond time for a few sips.  Also, when you suddenly get hunger pains at an off time, it may not be an actual 'feed-need', you may just be thirsty.  To add to water's benefits, drinking a big glass with a meal will fill you up faster, there is only so much room in your stomach and water needs space too.  But be aware - do not drink ice cold water with high fat foods or immediately after - it can actually cause fats you just consumed to get gelatinous and be harder to digest, leaving more residue behind to cause a problem for your health.

Well, that's it for now.  So far it has been a positive and exciting day.  Enjoy the weather and give me your best guess.

Yours in Health,

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  1. guess: YMCA Healthy Living Center and the INTUITIVE EATING: Weight Management Class. I'm not 100% sure on the class, but it looks interesting and I know the instructor from another program I was in. She's AWESOME.