Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So, I'm Sitting at a Blues Club...

Okay, not in reality, just in my mind. I was emceeing an event tonight at Miss Kitty's for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I was writing this post in my head while tapping along to the amazing local blues gods Matt Woods & the Thunderbolts. Wow. They were amazing. They make my short list of future shows to see.

With regards to the real reason we are here... Today's Report:

I added two new members to Team Kate today. Physical Therapist Kristi and Personal Trainer Gwyn. Both, of course, are a part of my new home away from home, the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center.

I met with Kristi first thing this morning. By the time we were done I had to compliment her, she's the first PT that has explained completely not only my exercises, but what they will accomplish. Plus, she was able to give me tips on how to modify things so they will work better. She also knocked out the front of a 4-6 week plan to get the knee rehabed and deal with my ongoing Achilles issues. It will include water therapy, which is new for me. I am looking forward to it.

The afternoon was my meet-up with Gwyn. She s a no-nonsense woman with a passion for what she does. She asked me questions that no trainer ever has, she really wanted to get a rounded picture of past, present and future. I look forward to her unique perspective and support.

And in the end that's what all the members of Team Kate are here for, support. Because they can make all the plans and give all of the advice in the world, but if I don't follow through, I won't win.

With that in mind, it was another good food day. Lots of fruits, veggies. whole grains and lean protein. Nutritionist Katie e-mailed to say that she is working on my food directions.

Anyway, I am well past tired. I stayed up late to let my food settle. I didn't get to eat until after the fundraiser. Good night.

Yours in Health,

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