Friday, April 16, 2010

Feeling So-So

This blog will be short as I am unexpectedly going to the Elton John concert.  That said, I woke up achy this morning.  I have been pushing through all day though.

I realized as I was about to walk into the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center that walking and weights were not in my future.  I needed something to help workout the aches.  So, I grabbed my swim suit and hit the pool.  There is a separate warm water pool for aerobic classes and water fitness.  I put in an hour of swim running/walking, jumping jacks and used water weights to work my upper body.  Afterward I could tell I worked out, but I wasn't sore like I think I would have been on land.

I have been making sure to drink extra water today in hopes that that will help relieve some of the pain.  Proper hydration can actually help alleviate some every day aches and pains.  But late this afternoon I finally gave in to my ick feeling and scooted home for a half hour of rest.  Hopefully between that, the water and the green beans I had for dinner, I will make it through the evening.

I keep playing Elton's "I'm Still Standing" in my head, a little pep talk to myself.  I am sure once he starts playing my day will wash away.  Seeing him in concert has been on my life-long 'to do' list.  Check!

Yours in Health,

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