Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Funky is Going On

I don't know if it's the wet weather, the long hours of this last week or I am incubating a cootie, but I am tired.  I am achy.  I am not myself. 

I worked this morning and then ran an errand.  I went out to see Pam Dixon at a remote she was doing at Brass Armadillo.  I dropped a few bucks on items to dress up my front porch with planters.  With work and now the rain, I haven't been in the yard in over a week.  But I swear first sunny day I am back at it.

That being said, I just racked up a two hour nap and am now contemplating going to bed - it's 6:45 p.m.  Anyone who knows me refers to me as a 'night owl'.  Maybe I really am just worn out.  I'll wait for Lori to get home and see if I pep up.

Since I have nothing useful to say, I will put the phone down and post tomorrow.

Yours in Health,

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