Monday, April 12, 2010

Day One - Year One

The title is how I feel.  From this day forward it is a new life and a new outlook.  It's an opportunity to get healthier, get happier and hopefully help some other folks along the way. 

Today's report: I talked to my nutritionist today, Katie is from the Mercy Center for Weight Reduction.  We went over my history, my current weight and what I need her to help me with.  Initially it's all about how many calories I should be consuming and how those should be made up - grams of protein, amount of carbs, etc.  I am being completely honest with all of the folks at the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center (HLC) every step of the way - I don't think you can be successful on a weight loss journey until you are brutally honest with anyone helping you and most of all yourself. 

Katie paid me a nice complement saying that I was much further along than a lot of people because I already know most of my weaknesses.  You see, for me, when it comes to food it's not just my much beloved brownies and cookies that I struggle with.  Portion size is an issue, as with most Americans.  Also, I seem to have no sense of when I am full until I am just on the edge of busting a button.  I am hoping the class I will be taking starting May 3rd - Intuitive Eating - will be an answer to that problem.  I don't know everything it will cover, but I do know the ultimate goal is to take control of your eating habits and thereby be a healthier person, which is perfect.

After I finished up the call with Katie I worked for a couple of hours and then headed to the gym.  You see the HLC has a full gym inside.  I worked out for about 40 minutes, taking it relatively easy.  I tried different cardio options to see how my knee did and worked my arms with free weights, plus did a brief bout of core work.  I didn't want to overdo. 

I am waiting until I meet with my physical therapist tomorrow to set parameters for what I can and can't do with my lovely knee.  I am then meeting with my wellness coach to set a plan for the next few weeks to get my exercise program set. 

You see that?  I just mentioned a nutritionist, physical therapist and wellness coach all in one blog.  All of that and so much more is at the Healthy Living Center - all under ONE roof.  In the weeks and months to come I will let you know about every aspect of the center.  You will get recipes, exercise tips, endless healthy ideas and you will meet "Team Kate", the people that are helping me make all of this work.  In fact, next week, I will introduce a new daily topic to go with my personal updates.

I am so excited, this is just exactly what I needed.  Not everyone can go this route, this is MY journey.  But that's the bonus of the HLC - they can help you no matter how far gone you think you are and in a way that is YOUR perfect journey.

Yours in Health,


  1. That is really cool you are doing that! I was going to see a nutritionist as my doctor said she would send me to one and I found out my insurance would pay for some visits. Perhaps I should really look into this. But now that I started a new job not sure I can fit it into my day.

    I do have a nurse that works with me day-day, and she has lost 50+ this year. Maybe I can just keep plugging away.

    Keep up the blog, loving the updates, Teresa

  2. Thanks Teresa! And remember (what I am bad at remembering) - take time for you. No one is ever going to say that to you that is used to your hard work and dedication to them. But you have to, both for your health and theirs - if you fall sick, who will take care of them? ;)