Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, just found out technology and I aren't as friendly as we should be.  I have been busy this weekend, so I was 'mobile posting' - e-mailing my posts to the site.  Well, I didn't read the fine print, it doesn't publish until I retrieve a code and enter it, then it goes live.  So, it looks like I haven't posted since Thursday.  Lesson learned.  I will be going to find the codes that were e-mailed back to me so I can make them live.

In the mean time, here is today:

Knee is sore because, I think, I made the mistake of wearing old shoes yesterday to go buy new shoes.  Not irony, but silly.  So, Physical Therapist Kristi at the YMCA Healthy Living Center worked with me and when the water therapy pushed the knee she changed up what I was doing.  That's so nice to not have someone just tell me to 'push on'.

Then I went for a workout with Personal Trainer Gwyn.  She had been updated on my knee, so she switched up from what would have been a lower body day to an upper body day.  If she weren't in the same building with Kristi, that would never have been communicated.  So, even in my continued fog, I was able to get in a nice workout.

Well, I better go figure out how to fix what I didn't know was broken.  Maybe I should read my own blog once in a while. ;)

Yours in Health,

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