Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love the Pool

At the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center there are three pools.  One is for laps, like any other gym.  One is warm water for aerobics, therapy and exercise.  The other is for physical therapy.  I have yet to use the lap pool, but the other two are real gifts.

The therapy one I have mentioned.  Physical Therapists Kristi and Kara put me through my therapy in there on a regular basis.  It not only has a tread mill, but a wave action.  The soft waves help build stability and that is one of the areas where I suffer because my quads are weak, especially the one on the left with my bad knee.

But the one I enjoy more than I would have thought is the exercise pool.  It's warmer than a regular pool, but just a couple of degrees cooler than the therapy pool.  There is no shock when I get in and it helps to keep my knee from aching.  I can do almost anything I used to do on land in the pool - even run.  As I have mentioned, I miss running.

So, I run as fast as the water will allow in the pool.  I also do hand weights and jumping jacks and all kinds of other things that gravity would cause pain with.  At least one of the days I don't meet with Gwyn I do a water workout.  I think it is really saving my joints in this early part of getting healthy.

Well, I have to go.  I am doing the stage announce for Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight.  I have never seen them live before, so I am looking forward to it.

Yours in Health,

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