Monday, May 3, 2010

500 Blog Posts on Get Healthy with Kate Garner!

Today was going to be just another blog.  I was going to cover that I am headed to workout with Gwyn at the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center.  That I am starting a new class tonight at the Weight Loss and Nutrition Center called "Intuitive Eating", that I am both excited and nervous about - BTW - they still have openings - 358-9400.

But then I saw that yesterday's blog was 499 and that makes this one number 500!  In these 500 posts you will see me at my best and worst.  At my heaviest and my thinnest.  At my smartest and my dumbest.  At my happiest and at my lowest points. 

I have looked back from time to time.  I see what went right, what went wrong and the lessons I should continue to use.  More than anything, it's a reminder that I am unique and yet, not that different at all.  This is how an obese or overweight person is.  We have our ups and down, like anyone else, where we differ is the extremes.  When we hit the highs we've shot the moon and when we slam into our lows the only thing that will offer any comfort is food.

Where I hope to change the path this time is making this darn thing permanent.  And I believe the key will be Team Kate.  When I start to falter this time I can pick-up a phone.  Last time I was just picking myself up and I finally lost the strength to push back.  Now I have Gwyn or Kristi or Katie to push back with me and there is power in numbers.

Here's to 500 more that will help me and you.

Yours in Health,

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