Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charity Can Feed the Soul

I spend a lot of time obsessing about food.  What should I eat?  How much should I eat?  Ooh, is that a brownie?  But I know in my heart there are many more important things that sustain a person than just crunchy snacks and creamy dishes.  That's why I volunteer on a regular basis.  Today was a day of volunteering for events that our radio group was sponsoring.

This morning I got an emergency call at 6:20, one of our talents was passing a kidney stone and could I fill in for her at the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Of course.  It meant rearranging my day, but it was important to make sure LITE 104.1 followed through on our commitment.  Besides, I had never had a chance to go to the event, so it was a perfect excuse.

It was sunny, windy and pink.  Everyone was in fine spirits despite being blown around.  As I emceed I was able to hear women tell about their fight against breast cancer.  I met people in remission and those still on the battle field.  I met family members who were walking for those that had lost.  And one woman that was walking simply because it could be her someday.  It warmed me to see all of the passion and love.

Then I was on the the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center.  It was their Grand Opening to promote the fact that they are now under the same roof.  I worked the registration table and it was a great opportunity to feel unity.  Many people walked in that were just as overweight as I am, many who were even more so.  It made me very happy - believe me, just walking in that door for a tour is a big step.  I hope that they all decide to try their version of what I am doing, getting healthy.

Then I snuck in a 45 minute workout. :)  Showered and it was off to event three...

The Youth Emergency Services and Shelter Derby Duck Race.  This event is always so much fun.  YESS is all about trying to keep family's together, so they have a family festival as they sell the final ducks and then dump them into the lake.  Thousands of kids ran under the watchful eye of their unique family.  Some with their biological parents.  Some in single parent families.  Some adopted or in foster care.  Some with aunts or uncles, others with grandparents.  And some with all of the above.  It was a wonderful reminder that family is who you love, not just the people you were born to.

I emceed with Dan Winters from TV-13, he's great.  Like me, he is able to roll through the punches, which is important with an event this size.  In the end, everything went off without a hitch.  The biggest highlight?  The guy whose duck crossed the finish line first and won $10,000, donated the money back to YESS - another heartwarming, goose bump inducing moment for my day.

It was a great day and I was so busy, that after I quickly ate a small omelet while the walkers were on the path for Making Strides, I wasn't hungry again until late afternoon.  Which proves, charity can feed the soul.

Yours in Health,

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