Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working at LAZERfest - Packing my own food

I am just heading out the door to work at LAZERfest.  25,000 screaming fans can't be wrong. :)  Rain or shine, there I will be. 

Like with any major event where I am likely to work 16 hours, I am taking my own food.  Fans aren't allowed to take in food, but luckily I am staff.  So, no fried food and beer for me.  I am bagging protein bars, oatmeal squares, apple slices, baby carrots and nuts and dried fruit.

There are two advantages - 1. I will not be off my healthy eating.  2. Eating this healthy will keep my energy up, even when I feel like I am running out of steam.

I'll be honest, I am taking a pillow and blanket just in case my body cries foul.  After my 'incident' earlier this week, I need not push it too far again.

Have a great day!

Yours in Health,

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