Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spinning Just Within My Control

I am having the kind of week where, if I don't have a note telling me where to be next, I will forget everything.  So, sorry I forgot to blog yesterday, it's getting crazy.

Quick workout updates with Gwyn at YMCA Healthy Living Center:  Monday was lots of upper body, tough but good.  Tuesday was a morning water workout when I confused my times for physical therapy and refused to waste a trip to Clive.  Then with Gwyn in the afternoon it was kickboxing and core, still loving boxing - even used my new gloves.  Today it was lower body and some core and to be honest, compared to the other two days this week, it was easy.  However, the first two were really hard, so it's all relative. 

My dad is doing well post operation for his hip.  Thank you for the kind words via e-mail and post.  He is doing two PT sessions today, so he will be exhausted tonight.  I am so busy I am probably not going to get to Mercy West Lakes to see him.  The good news is he is on track to check out tomorrow.  BTW - I wanted to share my opinion of Mercy WL really quickly.  Now, no one has asked me too, but I have to gush. 

What a beautiful facility!  It's actually visitor friendly, you can find that cafe and the patient rooms are the nicest I have seen.  I am really impressed.  Plus, the staff are a great bunch of pros and really on top of things.  I have felt completely comfortable with my dad being there.  I even rested my eyes for a few minutes in the lobby on his floor when he needed some privacy and it was so serene I nearly fell asleep - not what I think of when it comes to a hospital.

As for me, my PT went well this morning.  I was noting to Kara that after a weekend that went like mine, my knee would normally be screaming, if I could walk at all.  Now, after just a few weeks of therapy, it is a bit sore, but that's it.  I'm not finished yet, but I feel like I can see the sign to find the end of the tunnel.

Well, I have to go, I have two interviews I need to do this afternoon for LITE 104.1's Outstanding Women You Should Know.  I will tell you more about that as soon as I get chance.

Yours in Health,

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