Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yo, Time to Wrap!

Wow.  That was lame.  What I am actually referring to is I met with Physical Therapist Kristi today at the YMCA and we took a hard look at my knee. 

The past week or so some pain has returned and on Tuesday during PT with Kara it got caught or hyper-extended or something and really hurt.  Kristi was concerned maybe there is something more going on, beyond the scope of PT. 

But we talked it through today and are working under the idea that it's probably natural with the amount of scar tissue I have under the skin and around the knee.  Add that to the fact that my quad is still quite wimpy and the two are most likely the real problem. 

At the end of our session Kristi wrapped my knee with some tape.  The goal is to keep the knee cap in the correct position so the inner part of my quad has no choice but to train to take over its job again.  I have had my knee wrapped before and it hurt.  But Kristi did it right and unless I am going upstairs, I am nearly pain free - pretty awesome.

Again, it was a case of Kristi explaining the benefits to me and working with me to make things right.  It's so refreshing to be treated like a partner in my recovery and I have to be honest, it motivates me greatly.  I do my exercises like a good girl and everything. :)

Yours in Health,

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