Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Checking Under the Hood

I worked out with Gwyn today at the YMCA HLC.  I love how hard she pushes me and she brooks no whining, unless it actually hurts. ;)  My upper body will be rubbery for a couple of days.  But as always after a great workout I felt awesome!

Afterward I had to go see my regular family doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) as a follow-up to last week's SVT incident or, as I have gone to calling it, 'the incident'.  I figured while I was there I would also have my annual female exam.  They did all the usual tests and drew some blood. 

I wanted to point this out because too many women neglect themselves.  We don't go to the doctor unless we are really ill or there's an emergency.  An annual exam is extremely important and can save your life.  They check your blood pressure, lungs, heart rate and of course you get a pap smear and they check your breasts. 

I know a ride in the stir-ups is about your least favorite memory, but this simple test can find a myriad of diseases.  Plus, during the lovely 'pelvic feel-up' (totally not the term) they could find ovarian cancer - a silent and deadly killer of women.

So, do right by you and your body and get a once over under the hood.  It's the best way to assure you will be around to keep doing for everyone else. :)

Yours in Health,

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