Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Week

Yesterday was the culmination of a very long week.  I worked at the station and then worked at LAZERfest from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.  It really put my body through the ringer.  I believe my big saving grace was taking healthy snacks to eat.  I ate every couple of hours to keep my energy up.

Toward the end of the night as my energy wained I gave in to needing caffeine and grabbed what was available, Mountain Dew.  Then I ate a handful of Doritos and someone wandered out to the grounds and brought back warm mini fried donuts, I ate three.  I know that may look bad, but if I peek back at my history at concerts and festivals - It's actually impressive.  In fact, I am proud of myself.  These were small indiscretions in one long day and if I beat myself up, I will accomplish nothing.  Will I repeat it today?  Of course not and that's why it's o.k.

As for this new week, very tired because of yesterday.  But still went and trained with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  It was a good hard workout and my abs know it. :)  Then this evening I went to my Intuitive Eating class at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center with Dietitian Katie.  I find the very concept fascinating and am trying to pay closer attention to why I eat and when.  I also think hard about whether I am actually hungry or in fact thirsty or frustrated. 

The overall concept of really going back to child-like eating, in that (before we adults ruin it) kids are quit self maintaining.  They eat when they are hungry and don't when they are not.  They do not eat when they are bored, because kids are still learning and growing and rarely find boredom.  When they are feeling sluggish, they naturally crave the right foods to get back on track.

And then of course, generations of 'clean your plate' people go and ruin that.   ;)    The book and class really are an eye opener and I am already looking forward to next week.  Well, speaking of food, I actually am hungry and it's beyond dinner time, so I am headed home. 

By the way, I have changed the settings for the comments on the blog.  I had made it so people had to register after some angry and disturbing comments, some of which had to be removed.  However, I really do want to open this up as a forum for people to interact and support one another.  So, with that in mind you can now comment freely.  However, comments will be monitored and approved, simply so that no angry people make unwanted and unwarranted appearances again.

Yours in Health,

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