Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Unexpected exercise:  Friday, bowling was more physical than I remember.  Saturday, I was helping my friend Marianne stuff bags for an event this week and we were walking in circles stuffing two bags at a time.  I decided to do it as quickly as I could, at a pace I could maintain.  It not only burned calories, but my forearms are still a little sore from using them to hold the bags full of goodies.  So, not bad.

Yesterday, I did my workout at the YMCA Healthy Living Center and then had dinner and went to my nephew Caelen's soccer game.  He is awesome!

Yes, I am biased, but only to a point.  Caelen races up and down the field, always giving his all.  His foot work is improving greatly and he has follow-through to make it all the way to the goal.  Not bad considering when the season started, he had never played.  At six and a half he already has amazing coordination and drive.  He is serious and yet has fun. 

His dad, Casey, and Annette (step-mom) had taken him to a Des Moines Menace game on Saturday night.  After his game yesterday we were hanging out and I asked him if he still wanted to be an astronaut.  He shook his head, "No, a professional soccer player, like the Des Moines Menace or bigger."  LOL.  Well, he shows great promise.  Casey and Annette have done a great job of both quickly teaching him technique and sportsmanship; I am really proud.

Well, I have to make a couple of calls and then get to the gym.  My trainer Gwyn at the HLC is available early.  It will work out well because my dad will probably be out of surgery about the same time I am done working out.  I will give you an update on that tomorrow, but I expect it to make dad a much more mobile person.

Yours in Health,

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