Saturday, May 8, 2010

Struggling with Food

I had a grilled cheese and fries last night and popcorn with M&M's at the movies - it made me feel ill.  Yes, physically, but also mentally. 

I was in a hurry after a remote broadcast and so, I stopped in at Stella's.  My only saving grace, once I had grease, the malt no longer sounded good.  Then it was popcorn and candy at Iron Man 2.

Both choices could have been avoided, but my old habits kicked in, because I am feeling mentally crappy.  I had somebody hurt me this week.  It made me angry and self-destructive.  Why do we do that?  I didn't do anything wrong.  I shouldn't be punished.  But that's exactly what I was doing in my attempt to feel better via food - punishing my body.

I am looking forward to my Intuitive Eating class Monday night at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center.  I want to learn how to turn off that mindset of 'food=comfort'.  I know Dietitian Katie will lead me there.  I was skeptical after last week's class, but now I am ready to try anything.

Yours in Health,

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