Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Saturday

I got the pleasure of spending three hours at Jordan Creek Town Center today.  Not for junk food and shopping galore, but instead for the cause of making people healthier.  I did a broadcast for the Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center and YMCA Healthy Living Center.

We were promoting the fact that the two have merged into one building offering every weight loss and health option under one roof.  People stopped by to ask questions about everything from bariatric surgery to Opti-Fast to nutrition.  It was a great chance to let everyone know that there are a plethora of options when it comes to getting healthy.

I was talking to one lady who was considering bariatric surgery and looked a little embarrassed when I told her I was losing weight through eating right and exercising.  I told her everyone is different.  No ONE option works.  In fact, even in cases where on the surface it appears the same - like Opti-Trim - everyone has there own approach.  That's because everyone's issues that lead them to be obese are different.  She should just be proud that she cares enough about herself to make a change and get healthy, whatever her ultimate means.

And that's the great thing, the people at Mercy WLNC and HLC want you to succeed in the healthiest way possible.  They are supportive and appreciate that you are going to have bad days and good days.  As time goes on you will even have great days and they will celebrate those as well.  Getting healthy isn't a race, it's a journey. 

It's a journey because it's for life.  Your only destination is health, but as we have proven before (or at least I have) you think you have arrived and the truth is - you have only begun.  If you don't maintain your path for life, you will lose the ground you have gained on your journey and have to start your travels again.  And as a person who has done that, I recommend girding your loins for the long haul instead - it's actually much easier than trying to lose all the weight again, I promise. 

Remember, when you are ready to make your change, there are links on the right that can help.

Yours in Health,

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