Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make the Big Bag Pay

Another busy day... Why do I even point that out anymore? :)

I did physical therapy at 6:30 this morning with Kara at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  I feel like I am making great strides.  Certainly taping my knee cap so it makes my inner quad fire is helping immensely.  The other day I went up the stairs at home without thinking about it.  I take that as a major victory!

Then in the afternoon it was a meet-up with Gwyn at HLC.  She took me in and we did boxing.  Man I love that.  Everything has conspired against my getting to buy gloves these last couple of weeks, but it absolutely will get done this week some time.  I want to be beating that bag more often.  Gwyn noted I wasn't as mad yesterday because the bag mainly stayed in one place.  LOL.  That doesn't mean I held back at all.

In between rounds of punching the bag I do lower body moves to keep my heart rate up and it becomes a solid cardio experience.  Awesome!  I highly recommend it for great cardio and attitude adjustment. 

Afterward I rushed back to work to finish my day.  Ran home and watched my friend Karess' daughter Rhiannon for an hour.  (She's the sweetest little girl - 2)  And then changed and went to South Pacific.  It was wonderful.  The revival came straight from Broadway and is worth being a little tired in the morning.

If you get a chance, check it out.  It's at the Civic Center through Sunday.  Two highlights for me were the guy who played Billis and the baritone that played Emile.  The actor who played Billis became the character.  Emile had a baritone that made every woman in the audience sigh.  It was really wonderful.

Yours in Health,

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