Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Off

My life has been so busy this week I am behind on everything.  So, I am going to take a day off from working out today.  Instead, I plan to workout on Sunday morning before I go to my mom's for dinner.

I am doing two workout-oriented things today.  I am finally going to buy my boxing gloves. (Yea!)  And I am going bowling tonight.  The bowling is for work, sort of.  It's the national NASCAR community day and I have been invited to bowl with NASCAR drivers at Bass Pro Shops as they raise money for charity. 

It should be fun and I have invited my dad to come watch.  He's a big NASCAR fan.  Yesterday, I found out he is finally having hip replacement surgery.  He has been hobbling around since right after he had his knee replaced last year.  To watch a man who is young, just 61, and tough as nails be in so much pain has brought me great pain too.  You never wish surgery on someone and yet, I am glad he will finally have relief.

Well, I better go get back to it.  Have a good day!

Yours in Health,

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  1. Great news about your Dad having hip replacement. Six-weeks post-surgery, my Mom is doing GREAT and has said that since she woke up from surgery she has been free of pain from walking!