Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 miles

First, a gym update: My membership/endorsement deal through work with Fitness World West expired this week. However, I like the gym (and trainer Traci) so much, I have re-upped on my own. So, for at least the next year you will continue to hear me reference FWW.

Now, those five miles. I missed working out yesterday, my schedule just wouldn't squeeze out time. So, after two days off from the gym, I went in with every intention of a good run and workout.

Once again I stepped on the treadmill and went beyond my planned distance. I did my warm-up walk, started to run and kept running. I ran for 20 minutes and then walked for one and then ran for another 15. At that point I had run a 5K and walked most of the rest of 4 miles. So I decided to run another 5 minutes and then train for hills with a hard walk. I ended up working out for an hour total and did exactly 5 miles. It was weird timing. That means I averaged a 12 minutes mile, not too shabby.

Afterward however, my legs informed me they needed extra stretching and water and that weights and abs would have to wait until tomorrow. You know, I can accept that, because my body did an awesome job of taking me through five miles! That's at least 1/2 mile further than I have ever gone (on purpose) before.

As you know, running isn't my 'ultimate' thing, I have yet to figure out what that might be. But I do know I love the way I feel after. Not only do I feel great mentally at the accomplishment, but physically I am exhilarated, even if I am exhausted.

Tomorrow though, it's easy on the cardio, hit the weights and abs hard. And I am looking forward to that too.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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