Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Evil That Women Do

Or, why my roomie should be banned from borrowing baking cookbooks.

I have and will continue to benefit greatly from Lori's vast culinary skills; I am grateful. Without her guidance early on I never would have found my way through the brambles of healthy eating and eventually lost over 110 pounds.

However, the woman has a penchant for cookbooks. She collects them, borrows them and photocopies them. We have recipes in our household for anything under the sun, though we lean toward chicken, turkey and vegetarian dishes.

At Christmas it looks like Meredith Publishing off-loads a magazine rack straight into apartment of cookie, cake, candy and homemade food gift periodicals. At the holidays I have come to accept that my home will be filled with hand rolled truffles, perfectly baked cookies and chocolate treats of all shapes. But yesterday I got a surprise.

Lori has found a new baking cookbook that she loves. It's all chocolate. Dark chocolate, my favorite. She decided to produce a recipe from it - peanut butter Rice Krispie treats with dark chocolate drizzle. Yummmmmmm. And, oh god. One is bad enough, but now she is plotting further calorie laden treats to adorn our place.

Work offers up enough treat options, having anything other than plain old everyday dark chocolate at home can be a recipe for disaster for lil 'ol sugar addict me.

Lori realized the error last night when all she wanted to do to was eat the entire pan in one sitting. She did not, instead she snacked on one and headed to yoga. On the way out the door she informed me I would be taking the rest to work this morning. Huh? I hesitantly agreed.

Then I sat there thinking about being faced with them on the back food table - every time I went to warm up my coffee. The idea made me a bit crazy, because I ate one last night and it way WAY too good.

I found the bag of treats waiting by my coat this morning and I shook my head. I went about my business and got ready to go. I headed to work (where I am now) and realized about 10 minutes after arriving, I had forgotten them. LOL. My subconscious likes my thighs smaller!

Never fear, those from work who are reading this, I will undoubtedly have them shoved into my bag for me when I get home, so I don't 'forget' them again.

I would swipe her library card, but it would be in vain as long as there is a Borders, Barnes & Noble or Half-Price Book Store within her reach.

Yours in health, Kate


  1. OK, I must point out that the baking cookbook I checked out is a healthier baking one- which is quite great- and focuses on just unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Enlightened Chocolate by Camilla Saulsberry.

    Shame on you for forgetting them! They were crying at the door this morning when I got up. I offloaded the rest of them here. And remember how much better they are than the 70's original recipe!!

    I have to admit, rice krispie treats have a special place in my heart. My sister and I would make them & polish off most of the pan.

    P.S. I haven't even shared the photos in the newbie cookbook with you- there is a spanish hot cocoa with orange, espresso & spices that looks really yummy- oh and the cocoa bbq rub for chicken

  2. Oh yes, they were good, too good, WAY TOO GOOD! And that sitting down with a pan of them thing, I could do that. I would hate myself when the sugar hangover set in, but hey.